Shusheng Pang

Shusheng-PangProfessor Shusheng Pang is specialised in thermo-chemical conversion of biomass to energy and fuels (gasification, pyrolysis, Fischer-Tropsh synthesis of liquid fuel, biorefinery). He is leading a research team in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Canterbury, on a research programme of ‘Biomass to Hydrogen-Rich Syngas and Liquid Fuels’ funded by industry and New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. In last eight years, his team has developed and constructed a number of R&D facilities including:
•    A 100 kW dual fluidised bed gasifier;
•    A could model dual fluidised bed gasifier;
•    A micro-channel Fischre-Tropsch reactor;
•    Gas cleaning systems (a biodiesel scrubber-stripper system and a catalytic reactor);
•    A lab scale continuous pyrolysis reactor; and
•    A 20 kW entrained flow gasifier.
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