Rob Whitney

Rob-WhitneyRob Whitney, Chief Executive of CRL Energy Ltd, has a BSc (Hons) degree in Industrial Chemistry and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry.

Rob is Chairman of the Energy Federation of New Zealand (EFNZ), which is the New Zealand Member of the World Energy Council (WEC). He is Executive Chair of the WEC Energy Scenarios programme and hosted a WEC Asia meeting in Wellington in 2010. This meeting included a Climate Change Roundtable with contributions from the Climate Change Minister and from WEC Asia delegates.

Rob is a member of the Executive Committees of the IEA Clean Coal Centre, The IEAGHG R&D Programme, The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE), and the Independent Research Association of New Zealand (IRANZ).

Rob is a past National President of the NZ Institute of Chemistry. He is past president of Port Nicholson Rotary and a Paul Harris Fellow.

DDI: +64 4 5703703
Mob. + 64 27 2921050
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CRL Energy Ltd is an energy, minerals, and environmental research and consulting company, with specialist knowledge in new clean energy technologies such as coal and biomass conversion and a strong history in all aspects of fossil fuel energy, particularly coal-related research. We offer research, consultancy, and testing in the areas of exploration and mining, fuel quality and use, and environmental monitoring.

CRL Energy’s research programmes include coal gasification, clean energy production from coal and biomass, new methods to produce silicon nitride nanofibres, and environmental protocols for coal and mineral mining.

CRL Energy research is not limited to coal, with projects on bioenergy, low enthalpy geothermal utilisation, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), and minerals resource development. CRL Energy is part of the EnergyScape programme into future energy pathways led by NIWA and in collaboration with GNS, IRL, and Scion. CRL Energy has been collaborating with BRANZ for a number of years on household energy demand research.