About ABRN

The Advanced Biofuels Research Network, founded in 2010, is a New Zealand-based organisation promoting communication and cooperation between researchers in the bioenergy and related fields.

The Advanced Biofuels Research Network maintains close ties with other organisations in the bioenergy area, both domestically and internationally. In particular, the Network aims to play a complementary role to the industry-focused Bioenergy Association of New Zealand.

Steering Committee

A steering committee oversees the activities of the Network and provides a unified voice for the New Zealand biofuels research community. The steering committee oversees the activities of the Network. Membership of the steering committee is through nomination by a committee member and majority vote. The steering committee meets quarterly.

The steering committee comprises:

  1. Dr Ian Suckling, Scion
  2. Prof. Mohammed Farid, University of Auckland
  3. Dr Rob Whitney, CRL Energy Ltd
  4. Dr Graeme Attwood, AgResearch
  5. Mr Brent Martin, Defence Technology Agency
  6. Dr Rupert Craggs, NIWA
  7. Professor Shusheng Pang, University of Canterbury
  8. Dr Owen Catchpole, Industrial Research Limited
  9. Dr Michael Jack, University of Otago
  10. Dr Martin Atkins, University of Waikato