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PelletsThe Advanced Biofuels Research Network gives New Zealand bioenergy researchers a forum to discuss research directions, collaborate, and publish research. Members meet at the annual ABRN Science Symposium and also publish a regular newsletter.


To accelerate the development of bioenergy and biofuel technology for the benefit of New Zealand through a coordinated approach to bioenergy and biofuels research in New Zealand.


To actively create opportunities for:

  • Improving communication across the New Zealand biofuels research community.
  • Identifying research synergies and establishing collaborations within the New Zealand biofuels research community.
  • Building interactions between New Zealand biofuels researchers and industry, government, and international research organisations.


The Network aims to bring together all New Zealand research towards the development of solid, liquid, or gaseous biofuel technology for commercialisation.  All Network members are free to conduct research programmes independent of the Network and are not obliged to disclose their research interests or activities with the Network or other Network members.